So you wanna play Girl Games, huh?

Well, lucky for you, you have a number of options!

Below is the HTML5 (aka Online) version for 0.4.1 - but please be warned ... performance varies based on browser and the Save/Load system currently doesn't work for the online version! If I were you, I'd treat this as a little demo, just to see if you enjoy the game, and if you do think you're gonna enjoy it then head on over to my Patreon where you can find public download links for the latest version of the game (for free!) in whatever version you need (Mac/PC/Linux) and everything is working as intended ...

What is Version 0.4.1?

A from-the-ground-up rebuild of Girl Games, this time using the Godot game engine. Girl Games was originally made in Twine (and then again in Ren'py), but both versions weren't quite what I had in mind. I felt kinda frustrated by the limitations of those engines (and my own HTML skills) so switched again to Godot. Finally this is the first version of the game that looks and works the way I intended!


I honestly don't know why you'd want to play an older version of the game ... Trust me, Version 0.4 has THE MOST content. But if for some reason you'd prefer to play the janky old Twine version or the sparse as hell Ren'py one then you can do so with the below links. Just don't say I didn't warn you! x